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Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents Through On-Site Food Waste Disposal

In a 2001 study conducted by the National Safety Council, it was discovered that there are approximately 13 million injuries annually due to slip and fall accidents, including 16,000 deaths. The average settlement for a slip and fall claim was $3,900 and litigation can cost up to $100,000 — numbers that have undoubtably risen in the […]

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Lesson Learned: On-Site Food Waste Disposal Can Cut Costs for Schools

As schools around the country continue to look for cost-cutting, environmentally-sustaining solutions to their waste management, the Eco-Safe products offered by American Waste & Recycling Equipment are already generating new ways for eco-savvy thinkers to “go green” while also putting a little more green back into their own pockets.

According to a study by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency of […]

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