Working together with BioHitech America we are using technology to open new opportunities in an industry that has gone unchanged for almost 50 years. Together we offer the customers a more cost-effective and technologically innovative solution compared to traditional disposal. This approach will help reduce the generation of waste as well as reduce costs and increase recycling rates.


Visionary Leadership

John L Sobota
John L SobotaChief Operating Officer
John Sobota entered the family waste business, on a part-time basis, as a teenager in 1977. This is when his industry experience and hands-on education began. After taking time away to obtain a bachelor’s Degree of Science in business Administration, at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he returned to the business full time.

With John on board, the wide variety of services already offered by American Waste was greatly increased. Starting out as an Waste & Recycling equipment sales and service company, the new expansion included a full service Commercial and Residential Solid Waste & Recycling company. John’s specialty and attention was centered on administration and system design, specifically the equipment used in the compaction and baling processes. Installation, Relocation, Rebuilding and on-site Repairs. John worked with manufacturers and developed specialized equipment designs for the handling and transportation of medical (Red Bag) waste, (which the company was also licensed to haul, by the NYS DEC). He custom designed and had built solid waste & recycling equipment to be used in facilities where their customers had previously been told that the use of such equipment was be impossible, due to space restrictions and logistics.

John’s experience also includes the operation of an 80,000 sq. ft. paper recycling facility where materials were collected, purchased, processed and then sold to companies all over the world. Shipped via truck, rail and freighter. The operation of an equipment rebuilding operation and a Commercial recyclable collections operation.

John custom designed and installed waste & recycling systems for many major retails, wholesalers and manufactures. Serving many of them as a direct vendor. A few of these companies appear below:

Office Depot Home Depot Walgreens CVS Drug Sores Lowes Stores
Office Max Target Stores Ross Stores Publix Supermarkets Waste Management

Dr. Ian Goldbaum
Dr. Ian GoldbaumCEO, Medical Division
Dr. Goldbaum joined American Waste & Recycling Equipment LLC in 2015 as the CEO of the Medical Division. Having grown up in the family business he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in many areas concerning all aspects of industrial and commercial waste management and disposal. He has worked with municipal city contracts for transfer stations as well as high heat burners with scrubbers to handle waste products. He brings a wealth of information, as well as his expertise in marketing and his numerous relationships, cemented over many years, to the firm.
Dr. Goldbaum graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in 1984 and is board certified in lower extremity reconstructive surgery and wound care. and is board certified by the American Board of Multi specialties in Podiatry (ABMSP). As a board member of the American Board of Multi specialties in Podiatry (ABMSP) from 2009-2012 Dr Goldbaum took full responsibility for the social media and marketing campaigns for the ABMSP. Additionally, he has been involved in many aspects of medicine, including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and numerous multi discipline medical offices and has first hand knowledge of the inner workings of these types of facilities

He is a well known speaker in advanced medical and surgical procedures and products as well as being the Co-medical director and consultant for numerous products.
Dr. Goldbaum has a keen interest in preservation and recycling.

Brian Handleman
Brian HandlemanSales Representative
Brians wealth of knowledge spans over 5 decades and encompasses his experiences starting at a very young age. His first employment opportunity was in the food and beverage industry with one of the largest concessionaires in the United States specializing in sporting venues, arenas and ball parks. Brian was later promoted to Vice President of Operations. Later, as an owner operator of a large catering company Brian employed over 100 people and specialized in catering for race tracks across the country. His proficiency in all aspects of the food and beverage industry has afforded Brian a solid working knowledge in all areas relating to kitchen equipment and food waste recycling.

Additionally and most importantly, Brians unparalleled experience in this field has resulted in large savings for his clients as well as giving them a proper environmentally efficient way to recycle their food waste.



The Eco-Safe Digester is currently operational in 11 countries and 37 states.


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