• Aerobic, on-site digester
  • Self contained, stainless steel unit
  • Continual Feed, Not batch feed
  • Discharges to a standard sewer line
  • Quiet, clean, and easy-to-operate
  • No choppers or grinders
  • No solids generated
  • No additional handling required
  • No chemicals used
  • No airborne contaminants present


  Model Eco-Safe 4 Eco-Safe 8 Eco-Safe 12
Capacity Pounds per 24 hours up to 800 up to 1600 up to 2400
Dimensions Width Inches 45.75 59.75 69.25
Depth Inches 35.5 44.25 44.25
Height Inches 50 55.25 55.25
Power Source Voltage 208 Volt 3-Phase 208 Volt 3-Phase 208 Volt 3-Phase
Spec Sheet PDF Download PDF

* Eco-Safe Digester® is protected by several patents. Click Here to show more.


American Waste & Recycling Equipment, LLC ensures our products meet all nationwide Safety and Regulatory standards at all times.

Rigorous testing by regulatory agencies nationwide proved the effluent to have no negative impact on sewer treatment facilities.

When a product bears the ETL Listed Mark, it is proof that the product has passed rigorous product safety testing and has achieved certification. The ETL Listed Mark is issued by the ETL SEMKO division of Intertek, a leading global testing, inspection and certification organization that serves manufacturers worldwide to help them reach global markets.

Installation Requirements

(Must be present before Digester Installation)

  • Hot/cold water lines with mixing valve
  • Dedicated disconnect box
  • Access to floor drain
  • Internet Access



  • Reduces hauling costs by reducing waste volume and collection frequency
  • Improves efficiency and workflow
  • Captures a valuable resource
  • Replenishes water supplies
  • Eliminates the transportation of food waste to landfills or distant compost facilities
  • Eliminates compactor odors
  • Reduces janitorial costs
  • Prevents pollution and much more


Yes. Of all the biological treatment methods, aerobic digestion technology is the most widespread process used throughout the world. It is generally accepted as the most advanced method for managing food waste, as it is reliable, cost effective and highly efficient in disposing food waste.
The microorganisms are perfectly safe, naturally-occurring and non-pathogenic, i.e. they do not cause disease. There are also no harmful effects to local drains or sewage systems. In effect the microorganisms boosts the population of beneficial bacteria in the system, and there would actually be beneficial effects further downstream.
Yes. Simply open the Eco-Safe Digester® hatch door and add food waste, then close the door. After the Eco-Safe Digester® is installed a BioHitech representative will dedicate time to train every staff member on the proper operating procedures. Our training does not end until the staff is comfortable with their interaction and responsibility of the machines performance.
The Eco-Safe Digester® can process up to 2,500 pounds of food waste over a 24 hour period but because it is a continuous feed process, the additions of food waste must be staged over the course of the 24 hours. Trying to put too much food waste into the Eco-Safe Digester® at one time will overload the machine and slow the digestion process. Operators should aim to add approximately 100 pounds per hour to achieve maximum performance.
The Eco-Safe Digester® is designed to process a wide range of food waste types like, fruit, vegetables, cooked and uncooked meat and poultry, fish, dairy, bakery items, etc.
The machine cannot process anything that is not food waste and cannot be easily broken down such as large bones, mussel and clam shells, pineapple tops, packaging, general waste or cutlery. Placing the wrong items into the machine could cause damage and could void the warranty.
No. Please allow for the food waste to come to room temperature before adding. If very cold or very hot food waste is added it could change the core temperature of the digester and kill the microorganisms that breakdown the food waste.
It is best to have your sorted food waste (out of all plastic and packaging) ready to be fed into the machine before opening the door. Extended periods of time the door is open, more than five minutes, will cause the core temperature of the digester to come down. The microorganisms thrive in a consistently warm environment. Over exposure to cold temperatures could kill the microorganisms.
Keeping the machine fed and clean is the most important. Daily inspections and removal of any in-organic materials that may have accidentally been added to the digester is suggested.

No, the Eco-Safe Digester® does not grind or chop the food waste it gradually digests the food waste into a liquid.

No. All of the food waste will be digested and discharged to the drain as grey water.

No. All of the food waste will be digested and discharged to the drain as grey water.

The machine requires a hot and cold water supply, 208V – 30 amp – 3 phase electricity, and a 3″ to 4″ floor drain.
Once the plumbing and electrical roughing are completed by the customer and is confirmed installation can be completed in one day.
Each Eco-Safe Digester® comes with one year limited warranty.
All orders can be filled within two wee
No. The Eco-Safe Digester® output does not contain any harmful chemicals and is discharged into the public sewerage system, so there is no requirement to obtain approval from any environment agencies or local water authorities. Ultimately, it is our customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the product before ordering and that installations and operations comply with local water authority guidelines.
When operating our largest machine in a 24 hour period, the fresh water consumption is no more than 300 gallons per day. The effluent discharged is 400 to 500 gallons per day.
Aerobic digestion is the natural biological decomposition process in which natural bacteria thrive in an oxygen-rich environment breaking down and digesting food waste. The digestion process produces a liquid (aka effluent or grey water) which can be recovered at wastewater treatment facilities.
Effluent is defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as “wastewater”. Approximately 100 gallons of effluent is produced by every 1,200 pounds of food digested.
The wood chips are where the microorganisms live. The wood chips will remain in the machine at all times.


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